Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Visa and Mastercard block WikiLeaks

Both Visa Europe and Mastercard have suspended payments to WikiLeaks after determining that an investigation into whether WikiLeaks' operation is in conflict with their rules, is necessary.

This move will make it even more difficult for WikiLeaks to receive donations. It is, furthermore, yet another indication that the company is being censored.

It should be mentioned that this happened after the WikiLeaks' founder, Julian Assange, was jailed for one week for sexual crimes. This case against Assange, as it appears, may be about a legitimate crime and until there are more indications that it isn't, I will abstain from writing about it.

Read more the story on BBC

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  1. You can not expect the to let you know everything it does! A lot of dirty stuff gets done without most of us even knowing it! People who know it are either the ones who have financial(mostly) or other interest or are the perforers for fun or the same money, pressured by law, fear of death or bodily harm or financial consequencies to be silent. You can also be manipulated into whatever someone else thinks you should be thinking of and knowing or allowed to know. Everyone hides his true reasons, look at the good old church and the money their made in centuried and the people they killed who fought agains them! It's al the same scum but you have to give up your daily pleasures and comforts to be a true warrior against those so would you?